Flying Academy

Flying Academy is a flight school authorized by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) as well as the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). The academy’s highest priority is to provide a safe flying environment to all its pilots. Whether at the base in Prague, Brno or Miami, Flying Academy puts its customers first, because highest customer satisfaction is one of the school’s most important values. Constant innovation keeps us ahead of the competition not only by global presence but also in technology. Flying Academy’s mission is to create professional, safety conscious flight crew members who function effectively and are thoroughly equipped for the challenges of employment opportunities as a corporate pilot or first officer and captains of airlines around the world. Programs: Private Pilot License (PPL) Instrument Rating (IR) Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Multi Engine Rating (ME) Zero to Commercial (0-CPL) Zero to 1 500 hours (0-1500, US residents or Citizens Only) Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certified Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) Time Building




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